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Our Story.

"My vision is for others to realise their greater potential and find fulfillment in their lives. If we begin to feed our focus, we will see results. Let's put the future in our hands and coach ourselves to success."


- Tinisha Savage

Founder of Let's Talk Coaching


As a graduate in international business and a working girl in HR, I have studied human behaviour and motivation in great detail. I began to realise the extent of demotivated individuals within the workplace and life in general; from those with low self-belief to those who wouldn’t dare to leave the box they have labelled and placed themselves in - the dreaded comfort zone.


My goal is to help individuals find their purpose and create meaning within their lives. It is important to realise that a meaningful life will look and be different for each of us. There truly is magic in all of us and we are all capable of pretty much anything. The idea behind the tools and services I provide is to show you how to tap into your greater potential, strategise, move forward, and upgrade your mind-set. I aim to close the gap between your potential and the level of which you are currently operating. 


All of the tools and products provided by Let's Talk Coaching are aimed to tackle a key area of your personal development.