3 Keys for Maintaining Life Focus

Life is a series of decisions. You must decide whether to go to college and then which one to attend. You must choose a career path or risk having one chosen for you. Most people also set out to pick a life partner. These choices are not entered into lightly and require a well-defined path for your future.

Another aspect of your total life picture is your hopes, goals, and dreams. These also require a dedicated plan. Without focus or a clear way forward, the pursuit of your passions can become a series of accidental occurrences.

If you are struggling with finding and maintaining focus, here are three steps to help move in the direction of your best life.


1. Find Your Center

Your camera is a good example of how focus is required to see the whole picture. The sole purpose of a camera lens is to filter out the background and bring the subject clearly into view. It finds the focal point and centers in on that.

In order to pursue your dream, you must first define it. You need to weed out the background noise and distractions and concentrate on what moves your soul.

Distractions come from a variety of sources. Life is busy and chaotic at times. There are daily responsibilities, such as work demands and family obligations. While those things are necessary, be diligent to not allow them to sidetrack your pursuits, whatever they may be.

There are no wrong answers to what you wish to pursue. You might have a creative side that needs an outlet. Maybe you want to excel in a sport or career. You could have a passion for helping others or bringing good into this world.

It doesn’t matter what YOUR dream is. What does matter is that you find your center; that you locate the one thing that motivates you and then seek it out relentlessly.

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2. Aim to Be Great

Going back to that camera, if you do not point it in the right direction, your pictures will be just a mass array of nothing significant. That simply won’t do.

In order for you to fulfill your dreams, you must aim towards them. You need a plan. You may need to practice or work at it. Maybe you need to do some research, take a class, or talk to someone who has already had success.

Many organizations have a mission statement. It is a great idea to have a Life Mission Statement. Take some time to write down what you want to accomplish and where you wish to pour your energy. It only has to be a few sentences, but put it on a card and post it where it can be seen on a regular basis.

You must purpose within yourself to bring together all the aspects of what you want to accomplish and then follow through. It takes time, perseverance and honestly, maybe even a little luck thrown in, but you will never hit what you don’t aim for. Aim to be great!


3. Focus is a Verb

You can’t just expect your hopes and dreams to show up on your doorstep. It requires dedication on your part. Tremendous outcomes require tremendous effort.

Sacrifice may also be needed. Natural talent may look easy, but there is a price to pay to move to the next level. Time will be required, along with a deep emotional commitment and often a financial cost. Be prepared to go the distance to reap the reward.

It can be helpful to track your progress. A big task often seems less intimidating if you break it down into sections. Keep a journal or chart of the milestones along the way.

However, don’t forget the balance. It is easy to become consumed with the pursuit of a goal and lose sight of the other important factors and people in your life. You must be able to have perspective and keep priorities in the correct order.

Focus only works when you are willing to put action behind the words.

Stay Motivated

Motivation is like the ocean’s tide. It comes in, and then it goes back out. When we have a win or receive positive feedback for our efforts, the excitement grows. However, there will be times of setbacks and even failures. Discouragement and doubt may set it.

Develop a personal motivation system. It may be videos you watch for inspiration, or maybe a book to read for new ideas. Other people can also be a great source of encouragement.

You may need to shake things up from time to time. Re-evaluate your status. Check on your progress. If you have lost the thrill, find a new approach to make it fun and exciting again.

Establish a personal reward system. Even small victories should be celebrated. Allowing yourself to feel pride in your achievements will make the next wave of effort worth it.

The Beautiful Picture

Your life starts as a blank canvas. You fill that canvas with love, purpose, and hope and then frame it up with the support and affection of your family and friends.

Just like that camera lens can be adjusted to bring the desired subject into clear focus, so you can tailor your soul to spotlight the good and joy around you.

Never let fear, distractions, or the nonbelievers blur your vision for the future. You have one life. Once you find your passion, never let it go. Zoom in and keep maintaining that focus. Your dreams await.

By J. Hope Suis, (U.S), for Let's Talk Coaching

Opinions expressed by Let's Talk Coaching contributors are their own.

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